Scoring Summary


1stPerez homered to center (429 feet), Garcia scored and Witt Jr. scored.03
5thWitt Jr. homered to right center (303 feet).04
6thGarcia walked, Duffy scored, Isbel to second, Waters to third.05
8thRodríguez doubled to left, Ford scored, Rojas scored and Moore scored.35
8thSuárez singled to left, Rodríguez scored.45
9thRojas singled to center, Hernández scored, Haggerty to third.55
9thRodríguez singled to left, Haggerty scored, Rojas to second.65
9thPerez hit sacrifice fly to center, Witt Jr. scored, S. Taylor to third.66
9thBlanco reached on bunt single to first, S. Taylor scored.67
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