Scoring Summary


3rdWalker homered to right center (431 feet), Pham scored.20
3rdBlackmon grounded out to first, Toglia scored, Montero to third.21
6thMcMahon grounded out to shortstop, Blackmon scored.22
7thPerdomo scored on pickoff error by catcher Díaz, Marte thrown out at home.32
7thToglia doubled to left, Jones scored.33
7thDoyle homered to left center (411 feet), Montero scored.35
9thMarte singled to right, Thomas scored and Perdomo scored.55
9thPham doubled to left, Marte scored.65
9thGurriel Jr. singled to center, Pham scored.75
9thPeterson singled to right, Gurriel Jr. scored, Peterson to second.85
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