Scoring Summary


3rdAraúz singled to center, Ortega scored, Araúz to second.10
3rdGoldschmidt singled to center, Edman scored, Burleson to second.11
4thAlonso homered to left (423 feet).21
5thGoldschmidt homered to left (386 feet), Burleson scored.23
7thContreras singled to left, Goldschmidt scored, Arenado to second.24
7thWalker doubled to right, Arenado scored, Contreras to third.25
7thPalacios singled to center, Contreras scored and Walker scored.27
8thAlvarez singled to left, McNeil scored, Alvarez to second, Alonso safe at third on fielding error by left fielder O'Neill, Alonso thrown out at home.37
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