Scoring Summary


2ndStewart homered to right (359 feet).10
2ndOrtega homered to right (381 feet), Narváez scored.30
2ndOzuna homered to left (417 feet).31
3rdHarris II doubled to center, Acuña Jr. scored and Arcia scored.33
4thOzuna homered to left center (439 feet).34
5thMcNeil singled to right, Nimmo scored, Lindor to second.44
5thAlonso singled to left, Lindor scored, McNeil to second.54
5thVogelbach singled to right, McNeil scored, Alonso to third.64
5thStewart sacrificed to pitcher, Alonso scored, Vogelbach to second.74
6thLindor homered to left center (403 feet), Ortega scored and Nimmo scored.104
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