Scoring Summary


1stFlores homered to left center (420 feet).10
3rdFlores singled to right, Meckler scored, Estrada to second.20
4thDeJong homered to left (401 feet), Meckler scored.40
6thSchwarber homered to right (386 feet).41
6thTurner homered to left center (417 feet).42
7thSlater doubled to left, Estrada scored.52
9thHarper homered to right (357 feet), Schwarber scored and Turner scored.55
10thDeJong singled to center, Bailey scored and Schmitt scored, Meckler to third.75
10thEstrada sacrificed into double play, center to first, Meckler scored, DeJong doubled off first.85
10thSosa doubled to left, Realmuto scored.86
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