Scoring Summary


3rdMontero homered to left (374 feet), Jones scored.02
4thBelt homered to right center (448 feet).12
5thClement homered to left (404 feet).22
6thJansen homered to left (452 feet), Belt scored.42
6thJones homered to left (383 feet), Díaz scored and McMahon scored.45
7thSchneider doubled to left, Kiermaier scored, Springer to third.55
7thKirk doubled to left, Belt scored, Springer scored and Schneider scored.85
7thMerrifield doubled to right, Kirk scored.95
8thGuerrero Jr. doubled to left, Schneider scored.105
9thClement tripled to right, Merrifield scored and Varsho scored.125
9thSpringer singled to right, Clement scored, Kiermaier to second.135
9thJones scored on error, Montero safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Clement.136
9thBouchard grounded out to third, Montero scored.137
9thDíaz singled to left, Doyle scored.138
9thMcMahon doubled to center, Díaz scored.139
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