Scoring Summary


1stDíaz homered to left center (426 feet).10
1stGiménez grounded out to pitcher, Kwan scored, Laureano to second, Calhoun to third.11
2ndGonzalez grounded out to third, Arias scored, Bo Naylor to second.12
4thArias homered to right (388 feet), Brennan scored.14
5thBethancourt homered to left center (386 feet), Raley scored and Walls scored.44
6thSiri homered to left (422 feet).54
9thKwan singled to left, Straw scored, Tena to second.55
11thB. Lowe hit sacrifice fly to center, Bruján scored.65
11thTena singled to right, Straw scored, Bo Naylor to third.66
11thKwan hit sacrifice fly to center, Bo Naylor scored.67
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