Scoring Summary


3rdRutschman singled to left, Mateo scored, Rutschman to second.10
3rdMountcastle singled to left, Rutschman scored on fielding error by left fielder Grichuk.20
7thDrury doubled to left, Schanuel scored.21
7thMoustakas singled to right, Drury scored.22
8thCabbage singled to right, Escobar scored.23
9thO'Hearn singled to left, Frazier scored.33
9thMountcastle singled to center, O'Hearn scored, Rutschman to third.43
9thMoniak singled to center, Rengifo scored, O'Hoppe to second.44
10thWestburg grounded out to shortstop, Hays scored.54
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