Scoring Summary


1stAlonso hit sacrifice fly to left, Nimmo scored, Lindor to third.10
1stAlvarez homered to left center (419 feet), Lindor scored and Vientos scored.40
1stMeneses singled to right, Young scored.41
3rdLindor homered to center (407 feet).51
3rdBaty singled to left, Vientos scored and Alvarez scored.71
4thNimmo homered to right (388 feet).81
5thAlonso homered to left (420 feet).91
8thMauricio singled to right, Alvarez scored.101
8thYoung singled to center, Call scored, Alu to second.102
8thMillas walked, Alu scored, Meneses to second, Young to third.103
8thAdams hit sacrifice fly to right, Young scored on error, Millas safe at second on fielding error by catcher Alvarez, Meneses to third.104
8thVargas reached on infield single to shortstop, Meneses scored, Millas to third.105
9thNimmo homered to center (430 feet).115
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