Scoring Summary


2ndGoodman tripled to center, Rodgers scored and Montero scored.20
2ndBouchard reached on infield single to pitcher, Goodman scored.30
6thJones homered to left center (399 feet).40
6thFlores homered to left center (404 feet), Matos scored.42
6thHaniger homered to left center (392 feet).43
6thDavis homered to left center (413 feet).44
7thDíaz homered to left center (398 feet), Trejo scored and Tovar scored.74
7thSabol homered to center (413 feet), Yastrzemski scored.76
8thYastrzemski singled to right, Pederson scored, DeJong to second.77
8thFlores walked, DeJong scored, Sabol to second, Yastrzemski to third.78
8thWade Jr. walked, Yastrzemski scored, Flores to second, Sabol to third.79
9thJones doubled to center, Tovar scored.89
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