Scoring Summary


1stHernández hit sacrifice fly to right, Crawford scored, Rodríguez to second.01
1stRaleigh homered to left center (388 feet), Rodríguez scored.03
2ndO'Hoppe homered to left center (378 feet), Moustakas scored.23
4thO'Hoppe homered to left (368 feet).33
10thDrury homered to left (387 feet), Adams scored.53
10thRodríguez homered to center (402 feet), Canzone scored.55
11thGrichuk singled to center, Paris scored, Escobar to third.65
11thGrichuk scored on error, Adams safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Suárez, Phillips safe at third on error.75
11thSchanuel singled to center, Phillips scored, Adams to second.85
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