Scoring Summary


1stCanha homered to left (374 feet).01
3rdAdames doubled to left, Contreras scored, Santana to third.02
3rdDonaldson singled to center, Santana scored, Adames to third.03
3rdTaylor singled to center, Adames scored, Monasterio to second, Donaldson to third.04
5thTaylor doubled to left, Adames scored.05
5thFrelick singled to right, Taylor scored, Frelick to second.06
6thAdames tripled to left, Canha scored, Contreras scored and Santana scored.09
6thMonasterio singled to right, Adames scored, Donaldson to second.010
6thWiemer safe at second on throwing error by shortstop Wendle, Donaldson scored, Taylor safe at third.011
8thWiemer doubled to center, Taylor scored.012
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