Scoring Summary


5thHaniger doubled to center, Davis scored.10
6thPederson doubled to right, Estrada scored.20
6thDavis singled to left, Pederson scored, Conforto to second.30
6thHaniger doubled to center, Conforto scored and Davis scored, Wade Jr. to third.50
6thCrawford homered to right center (402 feet), Wade Jr. scored and Haniger scored.80
6thEstrada singled to center, Yastrzemski scored.90
6thGoodman homered to left center (437 feet), Jones scored.92
6thDoyle homered to left (445 feet), Rodgers scored and Trejo scored.95
7thBailey doubled to right, Davis scored and Slater scored.115
7thRodgers singled to left, Tovar scored, Goodman to second.116
9thGoodman hit sacrifice fly to center, Montero scored.117
9thJones scored on error, Bryant safe at first on fielding error by pitcher Doval, Rodgers safe at third on error.118
9thDíaz singled to right, Rodgers scored and Bouchard scored.1110
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