Scoring Summary


1stO'Hearn homered to center (400 feet), Santander scored.20
1stTucker homered to right center (393 feet), Altuve scored.22
3rdHays homered to left (365 feet), Santander scored and O'Hearn scored.52
3rdBregman homered to left center (375 feet).53
6thMcCann reached on bunt single to first, Mullins scored, Frazier to second.63
6thHenderson singled to right, Frazier scored on error, Henderson safe at second on throwing error by right fielder Tucker, McCann safe at third on error.73
6thDiaz homered to right (342 feet), Tucker scored.75
7thHays homered to left center (422 feet).85
7thKjerstad homered to left (337 feet).95
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