Scoring Summary


2ndDonaldson homered to left (371 feet), Adames scored.20
2ndContreras singled to right, Perkins scored, Yelich to third.30
2ndSantana doubled to right, Yelich scored, Contreras to third.40
2ndCanha doubled to center, Contreras scored and Santana scored.60
2ndFrelick singled to center, Canha scored, Frelick to second.70
2ndDonaldson grounded out to shortstop, Frelick scored, Adames to third.80
2ndTurang singled to left, Adames scored.90
2ndPerkins doubled to right, Turang scored.100
2ndYelich homered to left (368 feet), Perkins scored.120
5thSantana singled to center, Yelich scored, Santana to second.130
6thYelich homered to center (430 feet), Adames scored and Turang scored.160
8thBerti homered to center (416 feet).161
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