Scoring Summary


2ndPeralta singled to left, Muncy scored and Outman scored, Hernández to second.20
2ndRosario reached on infield single to first, Hernández scored, Peralta to third.30
2ndTaylor singled to center, Peralta scored and Rosario scored.50
5thHernández hit sacrifice fly to center, Muncy scored, Outman to second.60
5thWong singled to right, Outman scored.70
5thMontero homered to left center (416 feet).71
6thFreeman homered to right center (412 feet), Taylor scored.91
6thJones singled to center, Blackmon scored.92
7thSmith hit sacrifice fly to center, Wong scored.102
9thMuncy singled to right, Freeman scored.112
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