Scoring Summary


1stMartinez homered to right center (424 feet), Muncy scored.20
1stBlackmon homered to right (380 feet).21
2ndHernández homered to center (424 feet).31
2ndB. Doyle doubled to right, Bouchard scored and Montero scored.33
3rdJones grounded into fielder's choice to first, Tovar scored, Rodgers out at second.34
3rdMontero homered to center (429 feet), Jones scored.36
3rdBouchard homered to left center (458 feet).37
4thJones doubled to second, Blackmon scored and Rodgers scored.39
7thMuncy grounded out to second, Barnes scored, Rosario to second, Wong to third.49
7thWynns singled to left, Montero scored, Trejo to second.410
7thB. Doyle tripled to right, Trejo scored and Wynns scored.412
7thBlackmon doubled to right, B. Doyle scored.413
8thTrejo singled to center, Montero scored, Bouchard to second.414
9thRosario grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Hernández scored, Wong out at second, Barnes to third.514
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