Scoring Summary


1stMeneses doubled to left, Abrams scored, Thomas to third.10
1stRuiz hit a ground rule double, Meneses scored and Thomas scored.30
1stCall reached on infield single to third, Ruiz scored.40
1stOlson singled to right, Albies scored and Riley scored.42
2ndRuiz singled to left, Thomas scored.52
3rdOzuna homered to center (432 feet), Albies scored and Lopez scored.55
7thHarris II reached on infield single to second, Albies scored and Lopez scored, Ozuna to second.57
8thYoung grounded out to second, Vargas scored, Call to third.67
8thAbrams reached on infield single to shortstop, Call scored.77
8thArcia singled to center, Rosario scored.78
9thMillas walked, Chavis scored, Smith to second, L. García to third.88
9thYoung singled to left, L. García scored and Smith scored, Millas to third.108
9thOzuna homered to right center (385 feet).109
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