Scoring Summary


1stLowe grounded out to first, Semien scored, Seager to second.01
1stGrossman singled to right, Seager scored.02
2ndGarver homered to left.03
5thNoda hit sacrifice fly to center, Allen scored.13
5thK. Smith singled to center, Capel scored and Rooker scored, McCann to third.33
6thDuran homered to left, Garver scored.35
8thPache singled to left, K. Smith scored, Wade to second.45
8thAllen struck out swinging, Wade scored on fielding error by third baseman Duran, Pache stole third.55
8thMiller homered to left center.56
8thDuran homered to left center.57
9thK. Smith singled to center, Noda scored, Rooker to third.67
9thRooker scored on error, Wade safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Duran, K. Smith to second.77