Scoring Summary


4thJ. Naylor singled to center, J. Ramírez scored.10
5thStraw sacrificed, Giménez scored, Straw to first on throwing error by pitcher Bumgarner, Zunino to third.20
5thRosario reached on infield single to pitcher, Zunino scored, Durango to second, Straw to third.30
5thJ. Ramírez grounded into double play, third to second to first, Straw scored, Tolentino out at second, Durango to third.40
7thTolentino singled to center, Durango scored.50
7thBurgos walked, Tolentino scored, Bartlett to second, Lipscomb Jr. to third.60
7thWalker singled to left, Rojas scored, De Los Santos to second.61
7thCarroll doubled to right, De Los Santos scored and Evans scored.63
7thMcCarthy singled to right, Carroll scored, Ahmed to second.64
8thDe Los Santos doubled to left, Perdomo scored.65
8thLawlar homered to left center (406 feet), De Los Santos scored.67