Scoring Summary


1stBelt singled to right, Bichette scored and Guerrero Jr. scored, Varsho to third.20
2ndBichette homered to right center (391 feet), Springer scored.40
2ndSosa hit sacrifice fly to right, Bohm scored.41
4thBohm hit sacrifice fly to center, Rosario scored.42
4thCave singled to right, Ward scored on fielding error by right fielder Spain, Cave safe at third on throwing error by second baseman Turconi.43
4thSosa hit sacrifice fly to right, Cave scored.44
4thHall singled to center, C. Moore scored, Stubbs to second.45
7thEllison doubled to center, De. Brown scored.55
9thHall doubled to center, Cannon scored, C. Moore to third.56