Scoring Summary


1stMorel homered to left center (403 feet), Suzuki scored and Bellinger scored.30
2ndSemien singled to left, Carter scored and Knizner scored, Taveras to second.32
4thHapp doubled to center, Amaya scored and Tauchman scored.52
4thSemien doubled to left, Walsh scored, Carter to third.53
4thLangford tripled to center, Carter scored and Semien scored.55
9thHapp walked, Hoerner scored, Mastrobuoni to second, Tauchman to third.65
9thSuzuki singled to left, Mastrobuoni scored and Tauchman scored, Happ to second.85
9thBellinger reached on infield single to second, Happ scored, Suzuki to third.95
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