Scoring Summary


2ndHerrera homered to left center (414 feet).01
4thBurger homered to left center (403 feet).11
5thBell homered to center (410 feet), Arraez scored.31
5thBurger homered to left (398 feet).41
5thGoldschmidt grounded out to third, Siani scored.42
5thArenado doubled to left, Scott II scored.43
6thAnderson scored on Liberatore wild pitch.53
7thHerrera singled to center, Goldschmidt scored, Arenado to second.54
7thGorman doubled to right, Herrera scored and Arenado scored.56
7thBurleson singled to left, Gorman scored.57
7thWinn tripled to right, Burleson scored.58
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