Scoring Summary


1stPasquantino singled to center, Garcia scored and Witt Jr. scored.02
1stVelázquez singled to right, Pasquantino scored, Velázquez to second, Melendez to third.03
1stLoftin singled to center, Melendez scored and Velázquez scored.05
1stGarcia singled to center, Loftin scored and Fermin scored.07
1stWitt Jr. homered to right (391 feet), Garcia scored.09
4thDiaz homered to left center (432 feet).19
6thDubón singled to right, Peña scored, Caratini to third.29
6thAlvarez walked, Caratini scored, Altuve to second, Dubón to third.39
6thPasquantino doubled to right, Witt Jr. scored.310
7thWitt Jr. homered to right center (382 feet), Loftin scored and Isbel scored.313
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