Scoring Summary


1stSmith singled to left, Carter scored, García to second.10
1stLangford singled to right, García scored, Langford thrown out at second, Smith to third.20
4thDubón grounded out to shortstop, J. Abreu scored.21
4thTucker doubled to center, Altuve scored, Alvarez to third.22
7thCaratini singled to right, Singleton scored, Meyers to second, J. Abreu to third.23
7thAltuve doubled to left, J. Abreu scored and Meyers scored, Kessinger to third.25
7thTucker doubled to left, Kessinger scored and Altuve scored, Alvarez to third.27
7thDiaz hit sacrifice fly to right, Alvarez scored, Tucker to third.28
7thPeña singled to right, Tucker scored.29
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