Scoring Summary


3rdEncarnacion-Strand homered to left center (422 feet), Benson scored.20
3rdCandelario reached on infield single to second, Steer scored and Fraley scored.40
4thFletcher singled to center, Vaughn scored.41
4thFletcher scored on error, Sosa safe at first on fielding error by right fielder Fraley, Sosa safe at second on error.42
5thMartini homered to right center (398 feet), Fraley scored.62
7thMartini singled to left, Fraley scored, Candelario to third.72
7thStephenson hit sacrifice fly, Candelario scored, Stephenson to first on fielding error by center fielder Fletcher, Stephenson to second, Martini to third.82
7thEncarnacion-Strand singled to center, India scored and Stephenson scored, Benson to third.102
7thBenintendi singled to left, DeJong scored, Grossman to second, Lopez to third.103
7thSheets hit sacrifice fly to left, Lopez scored.104
9thIndia hit sacrifice fly to right, Martini scored.114
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