Scoring Summary


1stChisholm Jr. homered to left center (393 feet), Arraez scored, De La Cruz scored and Bell scored.04
1stBruján tripled to right, Myers scored.05
1stFortes singled to center, Bruján scored.06
2ndRivera doubled to right, De La Cruz scored, Chisholm Jr. to third.07
4thYoung doubled to left, Lipscomb scored, Call to third.17
4thAbrams doubled to right, Call scored and Young scored.37
4thSenzel homered to center (404 feet), Abrams scored.57
5thYoung singled to right, Lipscomb scored, Call to second, Call safe at third on fielding error by right fielder Myers.67
5thSenzel homered to center (411 feet), Call scored and Young scored.97
6thVargas stole home, Lipscomb stole second.107
7thAnderson doubled to right, Chisholm Jr. scored.108
7thJ. Sánchez singled to right, Anderson scored.109
8thLipscomb scored on Hoeing wild pitch, Call to third on wild pitch by Hoeing.119
8thYoung singled to left, Call scored.129
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