Scoring Summary


1stPham doubled to left, Grossman scored.01
1stVaughn singled to center, Pham scored.02
3rdVázquez grounded out to shortstop, Castro scored.12
3rdPham homered to left center (413 feet).13
5thKirilloff homered to left (354 feet).23
5thGrossman doubled to right, DeJong scored.24
6thKepler scored and Larnach scored on error, Castro safe at first on fielding error by shortstop DeJong, Santana safe at third on error.44
7thKepler singled to right, Kirilloff scored, Correa to third.54
7thMiranda singled to center, Correa scored, Kepler to second.64
7thLee homered to center (400 feet).65
9thMiranda doubled to left, Farmer scored, Correa to third.75
9thJeffers doubled to right, Correa scored and Miranda scored.95
9thCastro singled to left, Jeffers scored.105
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