Scoring Summary


3rdJoe homered to left center (402 feet), Taylor scored and McCutchen scored.03
3rdCruz homered to right center (427 feet).04
4thHoerner homered to left (380 feet).14
4thTaylor homered to right (349 feet), Grandal scored.16
5thHoerner walked, Tauchman scored, Happ to second, Suzuki to third.26
5thBusch walked, Suzuki scored, Hoerner to second, Happ to third.36
5thMastrobuoni walked, Happ scored, Busch to second, Hoerner to third.46
5thGomes walked, Hoerner scored, Mastrobuoni to second, Busch to third.56
5thTauchman reached on infield single to shortstop, Busch scored, Gomes to second, Mastrobuoni to third.66
5thSuzuki walked, Mastrobuoni scored, Tauchman to second, Gomes to third.76
5thBellinger walked, Gomes scored, Suzuki to second, Tauchman to third.86
5thGrandal homered to right (416 feet), Cruz scored and N. Gonzales scored.89
6thMcCutchen homered to center (423 feet).810
9thTauchman hit sacrifice fly to center, Mastrobuoni scored.910
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