Scoring Summary


1stBenson homered to right center (439 feet).10
1stStephenson doubled to left, De La Cruz scored.20
3rdStephenson singled to center, De La Cruz scored.30
5thSteer struck out, De La Cruz scored, Steer to first on wild pitch by Glasnow.40
9thFairchild doubled to center, Candelario scored, Espinal to third.50
9thDe La Cruz reached on infield single to shortstop, Espinal scored, Benson to second, Fairchild to third.60
9thFord singled to right, Fairchild scored, De La Cruz to third, Benson thrown out at home.70
9thLux singled to right, Betts scored and Pages scored, En. Hernández to third.72
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