Scoring Summary


1stGarver singled to left, Moore scored.10
1stHenderson homered to center (402 feet).11
1stMountcastle grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Rutschman scored on error, O'Hearn safe at second on throwing error by shortstop Moore, O'Hearn safe at third on error.12
1stCowser doubled to right, O'Hearn scored and Mountcastle scored, Santander to third.14
1stWestburg hit sacrifice fly to center, Santander scored.15
5thMoore homered to left center (405 feet).25
7thHenderson tripled to left, Mateo scored.26
7thRutschman doubled to right, Henderson scored.27
7thHays doubled to center, Rutschman scored.28
7thHays scored on Bazardo wild pitch.29
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