Scoring Summary


4thMcCutchen hit by pitch, Cruz scored, Taylor to second, Bart to third.01
4thReynolds homered to right (386 feet), Bart scored, Taylor scored and McCutchen scored.05
5thSoler singled to left, Bailey scored.15
6thChapman homered to left center (421 feet), Wade Jr. scored.35
8thSoler grounded out to catcher, Wade Jr. scored, Chapman to second, Estrada to third.45
9thWade Jr. singled to right, Matos scored.55
10thBailey singled to right, Estrada scored, Chapman to third.65
10thSoler singled to center, Chapman scored, Bailey to second.75
10thWisely hit sacrifice fly to center, Bailey scored, Soler to third.85
10thMatos singled to right, Soler scored, Ramos to third.95
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