Scoring Summary


1stSteer homered to left center (390 feet), Fairchild scored and Candelario scored.03
2ndTaylor doubled to center, Lux scored and T. Hernández scored.23
2ndBetts hit a ground rule double, Taylor scored, Pages to third.33
2ndOhtani grounded out to shortstop, Pages scored, Betts to third.43
5thSmith homered to right center (369 feet).53
5thFairchild homered to left (361 feet).54
5thMartini hit by pitch, Steer scored, Espinal to second, Stephenson to third.55
5thIndia homered to left (367 feet), Stephenson scored, Espinal scored and Martini scored.59
9thT. Hernández homered to right (345 feet).69
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