Scoring Summary


2ndPolanco grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Garver scored, Haniger out at second.10
4thRodríguez homered to left center (423 feet).20
4thFrance homered to left (392 feet), Garver scored.40
5thGallo homered to center (393 feet).41
7thWinker hit sacrifice fly to right, Vargas scored, Ruiz to second, Senzel to third.42
7thAbrams homered to right (406 feet), Senzel scored and Ruiz scored.45
8thRodríguez singled to center, Crawford scored.55
8thFrance singled to right, Rodríguez scored.65
9thMoore hit by pitch, Rojas scored, Crawford to second, Raley to third.75
9thRodríguez singled to right, Crawford scored and Raley scored, Moore to third.95
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