Scoring Summary


2ndOrtiz doubled to right, Frelick scored.01
3rdDeJong homered to center (417 feet).11
3rdJulks doubled to left, Pham scored and Mendick scored.31
4thPerkins singled to left, Frelick scored, Ortiz to second.32
4thYelich singled to right, Ortiz scored and Perkins scored, Contreras to second.34
5thSheets hit sacrifice fly to right, Pham scored, Lopez to third.44
5thLee reached on infield single to shortstop, Lopez scored.54
7thTurang singled to right, Frelick scored, Perkins to third.55
7thContreras singled to left, Perkins scored, Turang to second.56
7thYelich doubled to left, Turang and Contreras scored on error.58
7thBauers reached on infield single to shortstop, Yelich scored.59
7thFrelick doubled to center, Bauers scored, Hoskins to third.510
8thYelich singled to left, Turang scored.511
8thDunn singled to left, Adames scored, Bauers to third.512
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