Scoring Summary


1stCameron doubled to left, Langeliers scored and Andujar scored.20
1stOzuna homered to center (423 feet), Riley scored.22
2ndSchuemann singled to left, Gelof scored, Díaz to second.32
2ndAndujar homered to center (412 feet), Díaz scored and Toro scored.62
3rdOzuna grounded out to third, Harris II scored.63
4thRooker homered to left (421 feet), Schuemann scored.83
5thRiley reached on infield single to third, Arcia scored on error and Harris II scored on throwing error by third baseman Toro, Riley to second.85
5thOzuna singled to left, Riley scored.86
5thOlson homered to right center (378 feet), Ozuna scored.88
5thDuvall singled to left, d'Arnaud scored, Duvall thrown out at second.89
6thRooker tripled to right, Schuemann scored and Andujar scored.109
8thAndujar singled to left, Schuemann scored.119
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