Scoring Summary


1stJulks homered to left (408 feet).10
2ndHoerner grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Morel scored.11
4thColás singled to center, Sheets scored, Vaughn to second.21
4thLee singled to left, Vaughn scored, Colás to second.31
4thSosa singled to right, Colás scored, Lee to second.41
4thLopez singled to right, Lee scored, Sosa to third.51
5thBellinger grounded into fielder's choice to first, Swanson scored, Suzuki out at second, Tauchman to third.52
5thTauchman scored on a balk, Bellinger to second on a balk.53
7thTauchman walked, Swanson scored on Soroka wild pitch, Gomes to third on wild pitch by Soroka.54
7thBellinger hit sacrifice fly to center, Gomes scored.55
7thHapp singled to center, Tauchman scored, Wisdom to third.56
8thDeJong homered to left (407 feet).66
9thTauchman homered to center (398 feet).67
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