Scoring Summary


1stGarver walked, Moore scored, France to second, Rodríguez to third.10
1stHaniger doubled to center, Garver scored, Rodríguez scored and France scored.40
1stRobles doubled to center, Haniger scored.50
1stBliss homered to left center (421 feet), Robles scored.70
4thFrance hit a ground rule double, Crawford scored, Rodríguez to third.80
4thVelázquez reached on infield single to third, Witt Jr. scored, Pasquantino to third.81
4thMelendez homered to right (406 feet), Pasquantino scored and Velázquez scored.84
6thGarver doubled to left, Moore scored, France to third.94
6thMelendez grounded out to first, Pasquantino scored, Velázquez to second, Perez to third.95
6thRenfroe singled to center, Perez scored and Velázquez scored.97
9thGarcia grounded out to shortstop, Loftin scored.98
9thWitt Jr. tripled to left, Hampson scored.99
9thVelázquez grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Witt Jr. scored, Perez out at second, Pasquantino to third.910
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