Scoring Summary


1stBleday doubled to center, Schuemann scored.01
1stRooker hit sacrifice fly to left, Bleday scored.02
2ndLoftin homered to center (394 feet), Fermin scored.22
3rdBleday doubled to right, Gelof scored, Schuemann to third.23
3rdAndujar reached on infield single to shortstop, Schuemann scored, Bleday to third.24
4thGelof homered to left (393 feet), Nevin scored and Butler scored.27
5thGarcia grounded out to second, Isbel scored.37
8thFermin grounded out to first, Pasquantino scored, Melendez to second, Perez to third.47
8thLoftin grounded out to shortstop, Perez scored.57
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