Scoring Summary


2ndGrisham homered to right (421 feet), Vivas scored and Volpe scored.30
2ndIbañez homered to left (403 feet), Vierling scored.32
3rdTorrens singled to right, Pereira scored, Rortvedt to third.42
3rdO. Gonzalez doubled to left, Rortvedt scored, Torrens to third.52
3rdVolpe grounded into fielder's choice to third, Torrens scored, Vivas out at second, O. Gonzalez to third.62
4thTorrens homered to center (408 feet).72
5thVivas homered to right (404 feet).82
5thJones homered to right center (470 feet).92
5thKeith doubled to left, Leonard scored and Kreidler scored, Malloy thrown out at home.94
6thLeonard reached on infield single to shortstop, Dingler scored on error, Jung to second, Leonard to second, Jung safe at third on throwing error by shortstop Downs.95
6thMadris walked, Jung scored, Bemboom to second, Leonard to third.96
7thDowns walked, Durbin scored, Jones to second, Smith to third.106
8thRice scored on error and Durbin scored on error, Dunham safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Pérez.126
8thJones singled to left, Dunham scored, Smith to third.136
8thDowns doubled to center, Smith scored, Jones to third.146
9thRice singled to center, A. Ramirez scored.156
9thJones singled to left, Dunham scored and Durbin scored, Smith to second.176
9thRojas singled to center, Jones scored and Smith scored, Downs to third.196
9thDowns scored on Merrill wild pitch, Lockridge to second on wild pitch by Merrill, Rojas to third on wild pitch by Merrill.206
9thRice walked, Rojas scored, A. Ramirez to second, Lockridge to third.216
9thDurbin hit sacrifice fly to right, Lockridge scored, A. Ramirez to third.226
9thMalgeri singled to right, Madris scored, Dingler to second, Pérez to third.227
9thJung hit sacrifice fly to center, Pérez scored.228
9thLeonard hit a ground rule double, Dingler scored and Malgeri scored, Lipcius to third.2210
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