Scoring Summary


1stHerrera grounded out to second, Donovan scored, Nootbaar to third.10
3rdNootbaar singled to right, Gamboa scored, Nootbaar to second, Donovan to third.20
3rdBaker singled to center, Donovan scored and Nootbaar scored.40
4thSaggese grounded into fielder's choice to third, Scott II scored on throwing error by third baseman Baty and Gamboa scored on error, Saggese second.60
4thWalker grounded into fielder's choice to third, Saggese scored, Antico out at second.70
4thA. Rivas hit by pitch, Walker scored, Baker to second, Herrera to third.80
4thIglesias doubled to center, Baty scored, Vientos to third.81
4thNido grounded out to shortstop, Vientos scored.82
7thSaggese doubled to center, A. Rivas scored and Scott II scored, Saggese out stretching at third.102
7thVoit singled to left, Senger scored, Acuña to second, Cortes to third.103
7thBannon hit sacrifice fly to right, Cortes scored, Acuña to third.104
8thSenger homered to right.105
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