Scoring Summary


1stRefsnyder singled to right, O'Neill scored, Yoshida to third.01
2ndKavadas singled to left, Heineman scored.02
3rdMerrifield homered to left, Stevenson scored.22
3rdRefsnyder grounded out to third, Devers scored, Story to second.23
5thStevenson singled to right, Garcia scored, Stevenson to second.33
6thHall homered to right.43
6thGarcia homered to center, Sosa scored.63
8thKolozsvary doubled to left, Yorke scored.64
8thLugo singled to right, Kolozsvary scored, Binelas to third.65
9thMeidroth singled to left, Koss scored, Yorke to second, Wong to third.66
9thYorke scored on Schultz wild pitch.67
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