Scoring Summary


1stJiménez doubled to center, Lopez scored.10
3rdOhtani grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Ramos scored, Betts out at second.11
4thDeJong homered to left, Jiménez scored and Vaughn scored.41
5thOhtani homered to left center, Ramos scored.43
7thMontgomery hit sacrifice fly to center, Phillips scored.53
7thOkey singled to center, Gauthier scored, Feduccia to third.54
7thWard hit a ground rule double, Feduccia scored, Okey to third.55
8thAvans hit sacrifice fly to left, Padlo scored.56
8thOkey homered to left, Gauthier scored and Feduccia scored.59
9thMontgomery singled to center, Sosa scored, Payton to third.69
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