Scoring Summary


1stAranda doubled to left, Rosario scored.10
1stMead singled to left, Aranda scored, Mead to second, Paredes to third.20
1stSiri hit sacrifice fly to center, Paredes scored.30
1stReynolds homered to left (414 feet).31
2ndTriolo homered to left center (372 feet), Peguero scored and McKinney scored.34
3rdPeguero grounded into fielder's choice to third, Hayes scored, Tellez out at second.35
5thSiri grounded into fielder's choice to second, H. Ramírez scored, Mead to second.45
5thHayes doubled to center, Triolo scored, Hayes out stretching at third.46
6thCardenas doubled to right, Williams scored.56
6thDelay grounded out to shortstop, Williams scored, Bae to second.57
6thCelestino singled to left, Bae scored.58
7thCelestino homered to left (395 feet), Johnson scored, Williams scored and Bae scored.512
9thSimon singled to center, Jones scored, Vasquez to second.612
9thMisner singled to left, Vasquez scored, Simon to third.712
9thDriscoll singled to right, Simon scored, Misner to second.812
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