Scoring Summary


1stSeager homered to right center (440 feet).10
1stGarcía singled to left, Carter scored.20
1stGarver singled to center, García scored, Garver to second.30
1stJ. Abreu singled to left, Altuve scored, Alvarez to third.31
3rdGarcía homered to right (368 feet).41
3rdBregman homered to left center (393 feet).42
4thCarter doubled to right, Jung scored and Semien scored, Seager to third.62
4thGarcía singled to left, Seager scored and Carter scored.82
6thLowe homered to right (358 feet), Garver scored.102
7thAlvarez singled to center, Bregman scored.103
8thGarcía homered to left center (340 feet).113
9thAltuve homered to left (363 feet).114
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