Scoring Summary


1stOlivares walked, Garcia scored, Massey to second, Perez to third.10
1stDuffy hit sacrifice fly to right, Perez scored, Olivares to second, Massey to third.20
1stPorter singled to center, Massey scored and Olivares scored.40
2ndPerez singled to left, Garcia scored, Witt Jr. to second.50
2ndMassey homered to right (411 feet), Witt Jr. scored and Perez scored.80
3rdPerez singled to left, Isbel scored, Witt Jr. to third.90
5thJiménez homered to left center (397 feet).91
6thRemillard doubled to left, Sosa scored.92
6thMoncada singled to center, Remillard scored.93
6thVaughn doubled to left, Moncada scored.94
6thRobert Jr. singled to left, Vaughn scored.95
6thSheets doubled to center, Pérez scored on error, Robert Jr. scored and Jiménez scored, Sheets safe at third on fielding error by center fielder Isbel.98
6thSosa hit sacrifice fly to left, Sheets scored.99
7thGarcia singled to left, Porter scored, Blanco to second.109
9thWitt Jr. hit sacrifice fly to center, Blanco scored.119
9thRobert Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Benintendi scored, Anderson out at second.1110
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