Scoring Summary


2ndDeJong homered to left (383 feet).10
3rdEdman homered to center (389 feet), Williams scored.30
3rdGoldschmidt homered to left center (400 feet).40
4thCarpenter singled to center, Carlson scored, Carpenter out stretching at second, DeJong to third.50
4thFlaherty sacrificed to pitcher, DeJong scored, Williams to second.60
4thSoto scored on Flaherty wild pitch, Bell to third on wild pitch by Flaherty.61
4thCastro hit sacrifice fly to right, Bell scored.62
5thDeJong homered to left (378 feet), Goldschmidt scored, Molina scored and Carlson scored.102
5thWilliams homered to center (411 feet).112
6thCastro grounded out to third, Bell scored.113
6thGomes doubled to left, Harrison scored.114
6thRobles singled to left, Gomes scored.115
8thGoldschmidt reached on infield single to second, Nogowski scored, Edman to third.125
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