Scoring Summary


2ndSuárez homered to right (380 feet).10
2ndStallings homered to left (409 feet).11
4thMoustakas singled to left center, Winker scored, Castellanos to second.21
4thNaquin doubled to deep right, Castellanos scored, Moustakas to third.31
4thBarnhart doubled to deep left center, Moustakas scored and Naquin scored.51
4thSenzel singled to right, Barnhart scored and Farmer scored, Mahle to second.71
6thMahle grounded into fielder's choice to first, Barnhart scored, Farmer out at second.81
7thNaquin homered to right (399 feet), Winker scored and Moustakas scored.111
8thSenzel doubled to right, Farmer scored, Blandino to third.121
8thCastellanos doubled to right, Blandino scored and Senzel scored.141