Scoring Summary


3rdTapia singled to shallow center, Díaz scored, Tapia to second.01
4thRodgers singled to right, Cron scored and Fuentes scored.03
6thReddick doubled to deep right, Escobar scored, Peralta to third.13
6thPeralta scored on error, Vogt safe at first on fielding error by first baseman Cron, Reddick safe at third on error.23
6thVanMeter hit sacrifice fly to right, Reddick scored.33
6thBlackmon homered to right (407 feet), Story scored.35
6thHampson grounded into fielder's choice to second, Cron scored, Rodgers out at second, Fuentes to third.36
6thFuentes scored on Bumgarner wild pitch, Hampson to second on wild pitch by Bumgarner.37
7thEscobar homered to right (406 feet), P. Smith scored and Rojas scored.67