Scoring Summary

2ndFrazier singled to left, Newman scored and Tom scored.02
4thAguilar homered to left (421 feet).12
4thChisholm Jr. homered to right (371 feet), Dickerson scored.32
5thAlfaro homered to center (432 feet), Aguilar scored.52
8thNewman walked, Hayes scored, Polanco to second, Reynolds to third.53
8thTom hit by pitch, Reynolds scored, Newman to second, Polanco to third.54
8thNewman scored on error and Polanco scored, Perez safe at first on error by pitcher Bender, Tom safe at third on error.56
9thAguilar singled to left, Sierra scored, Marte to second.66
10thDíaz hit sacrifice fly to right, Alfaro scored.76
10thPolanco hit sacrifice fly to center, Stallings scored.77
12thStallings singled to center, Frazier scored, Reynolds to second.78